A Praying Mother - STAGE PLAY

Rev. William had a extreamely small congration, so he decided to moved his family from their small town in Mississippi to the big city,. Hoping thing would be better.big mistake. The bright light, and big city went to his head. He took his eyes off god, and started focusing them on Worley things.his grand son started selling drugs, and his sixteen year old grand daughter started going with a dope dealer.

Rev Williams started chasing wemons , and became very abuseive toward his wife Mary. Thank god that mary was a praying mother, and never gave upon her family.

Church Fight - STAGE PLAY

This laugh out loud comedy takes you into the doors of holier than thou Baptist Church the mothers of the church get-together to have a secret meeting to conspire against Rev. Holly and have him removed of his duties as lead pastor.

The women have no particular reason for doing this except to recruit a younger good-looking creature they can feast their eyes on.

The women are excited when a new preacher comes on board until they find out that he is married and all hell breaks loose.

My House is Not a Home - STAGE PLAY

See how drugs and alcohol turn the Thomas family home—once a warm, god-fearing refuge- into a cold house with no morals, and respect. The Thomas kids – electra and willie-run the street selling drugs. The adult thomaclara and benny-stay so high on booze,and drugs,that they carelessly letthe ruleof their home slide completely into the hands of their wayward children. The children became the parent, and the parents became the children.will the devil end up, destroying this home, or will benny repent, and put his foot down like a man of god , and say, as for me and my house,we shall serve the lord.

Ship a Comin' - STAGE PLAY
Gospel Musical

Lucifer made a vow to destroy all of gods people, but god had provided a way out he sending his ship, and king jesus is the captian, all you have to do is except jesus as your savior, and get on board. Every one is rushing to get on the ship. Pimps, prostitutes, gangbangers, dope dealers, and users, back sliders, preachers,deacons, even a rich woman name sally bell Johnson who thought she could pay her way on will be surprised who gets on board, and the ones who are turned away. Look hard you just might even see yourself. Get ready children cause there’s a ship a comin.

The Porch - STAGE PLAY

This Play is Awesome!

This one man stage play will have you laughing your head off when you join the old man Brown on the porch of his little rundown shack deep in the woods.

Old man Brown sits on his porch all day and all night and no one knows why. I know you will also want to know why. Well, you had better come see for yourself!

We've Come Too Far to Turn Back Now - STAGE PLAY

This one-of-a-kind musical stage play takes you from Africa to America from the early days of slavery to the present to show you how long women of color have been mentally, physically, and verbally abused by men. It started with the white slave owners in Africa and continued with the so-called men of today.

The play starts with contemporary society travels to the motherland of Africa, takes a tour through history and arrives back at the present day. Our youth will see firsthand what their ancestors had to go through. They will feel the pain of the captors whip, hear the moans of the oppressed, experienced the torture of the beatings, and in dear and endure the humiliation of the rapes. The powerful emotions these incidents evoke are reflected in the chilling haunting music that weaves its way through this drama.

Welfare Checks - STAGE PLAY

This live and learn play takes you inside the drama filled lives of Mama Lottie, her three daughters and their no good men. Joyce, the oldest daughter has had enough and wants to break the cycle of living in the country. She wants to set an example for the rest of her family but falls short. Mama Lottie sets the worst example for her kids... she's been on welfare their entire lives, she dates young men and pays them for their time and she and two of her daughters all live with Joyce. You'll see the family drama unfold as the ladies try to understand that men don't want their honey they just want their money.

A Praying Mother's Production's is a nonprofit organization and is the production arm of Julius Boys Home.

Julius Boys Home is a transitional living program that houses at risk youth offenders and teaches them to be productive members of the community.

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